Saturday, January 5, 2013

it's been excatly 2months and 3 weeks i am working as a permanent here 
never thought it will turn out to be this way
not in my expectation at all
well, internship and real working life is 2 totally different thing!! 
do not like it at all that i have to stay till 8pm to go back home everyday!
do not like it at all that i have to take the 6am van every time it's my turn to come early for functions
do not like it at all that they are sooo fake
do not like it at all that they can't leave me the way i am
do not like the pressure they are giving..
do not like the person i am turining into,
it's super frustrating..
do not like it hereeeeeeeeee.. :P


~love LISA~

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good luck perhaps?

How long has it been, months i suppose 
that i left it to fend on it's own
wanted to update so long ago
just do not have the time, the medium and the mood
well back on track i guess...

the 4 months training was a very long period for me
luckily it went by fast
luckily i got a few friends that i can ran away to 
just hope that it can stay that way till god knows when, hehe
after this will be working life for me
after this 2 weeks holidays
what will it be like after this i dare not put myself to imagine
or to think
just hope that as my position changed
it will be better than when i was a trainee
it was seriously the most stressed out months being there
physically and  most of it were mentally tired
i will go home feeling exhausted
luckily i have a few books that can keep me company
 4 months is very long but i survived it 
because i knew the days were numbered 
but then how about after that?
what next?
it's will be a freaking 2 long  years
i will not be counting down if i can bare with it
i just hope my patience can withstand it
its either i walk out bashed
or i walk out stringer!!
hope its the later..

Good Luck to myself first
and to all who is going to the nect phase!!

~love LISA~

Saturday, April 28, 2012

those were the days

sometimes the nice part of clearing up stuff is that you get to look back on what you had done for the past few years
looking back on the days you acted stupid
looking back on the time you spent with the people
some gone to explore their own path (good for them)
some still here with you
doing crazy stuff together and not wanting to grow up
haha, still living in the younger version of oneself

well anyways,
was clearing up some stuff
and  i came across those cute messages that we pass round during class
and also those little notes 
about some lecturers
and some other gossips
it's so funny and cute
those were the days.. ^_^

GoOd LucK :)
~love LISA~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

my feelings on a hot thursday noon :)

Finally after a few months coming back from France
i found the time to write 
no words can be used to describe the situation now
it's goodbye season
less than one more month
everybody will be leaving 
and now, the journey begin.. ^_^
wish everyone a very good luck
in whatever pathway that they had chosen

well, i went back to Malacca after months not going back
missed home so much that even going back for 1 day is that worth it :)
it's been so long that i catch up with mum and sister
get to drink my favourite dessert some more
makes the trip even more worth it

anyways, just ranting out some thoughts with music as background
not a bad feeling
but its as hot as hell
rain, when are you coming for a visit
how about you wind, anytime soon? T.T
~love LISA~

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ville de l'amour

France trip was awesome
i studied there for 4 years
and that 2 weeks is what motivates me 
and the trip proven to be worth the wait
it was winter when we're there
and for awhile we thought we won't be able to catch a glimpse of the snow
but in the end
we saw it
it snow the whole day
it was the third day in Foix
or the second
and management game was cancelled 
due to heavy snow
and roads were closed
in the end we went up snowboarding
a D.I.Y kind of snowboarding
a french lecturer brought us for site selection
after that we played like crazy

not to mention we bought a lot of stuff over there
i even get to try the burger only sold in Europe country
the weather there is very nice at the end of winter
the cold breeze
the warm drink in your hand every morning
now that is what i call enjoy life :P

it was the most memorable trip ever
get to travel with friends
before everyone part ways
graduating soon
and i hope everyone stay in contact

there is only one thing that i can say
i am so going back and around for some more awesome trip :P

~love LISA~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's already the 4th day of Chinese New Year
and we are back 
in Malacca 
after a few days playing at cousin's house
in Alor Star
Well, they are fairly grown now

got some pictures
have a look :)

~love LISA~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

evil thought..:P

hello there guys
it's been a while since we have meet
this is so hard
to keep this thing alive
well today i just wanted to say
i did something bad
not real bad bad, just a little bad..xD
or i think so it's bad
although it's a small matter
well better come clean
at least i am confessing
although i doubt someone will read
better leave it that way then huh!!

well the story goes like this :
once upon a time..
ok, let's get back to track
this is lame..=..=

i went to the post office today to help clear up some bills
and guess what number i got
it's 1257
well, that looks just any ordinary number 
but wait till you look at the number attending on the spot
it's 1155
meaning to say i will have to wait for my turn 
like after 102 person
so..i have an evil thought
i went to the bathroom first
and then went back to continue waiting
and the move is slow, only like 5 numbers went by
so i can't wait any longer
remember the evil thought
i execute the thought
so when the lady presses the button to indicate the number 1166
no one walk up to the counter
so guess what
and i can feel myself getting nervous
i mean it's not like the lady will check the number you are having
but i can feel the adrenaline rush babe
and then voila, after a 2minutes
i am on my way back
i can sense shock in the other people's expression
isn't she later then me, how come she get's to go first!!
ahahhhhahaha, i feel so damn good!!
but at the same time 
sorry for the other who will have to wait like 100 more turn before they are up
and i feel bad too
but then, this is call act smart...=)
well, i hope i won't get karma for that 
i mean
no one went up right

~love LISA~